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Then the question becomes... how many hits is it supposed to take for the blade to kill you? In mainstream games, if you so much as walk into one, you're dead. Not only that, but a lot of games have almost a straight line of obstacles like this, all activating at different times. This means you either have to try and time it right and find clear spaces between them, or backtrack and find another route. Although I would agree about the fact you can't jump over them... it shouldn't be a problem if they shoot out from the wall to have that second where the sound doesn't play to have no blade there and for the player to be able to jump clear. That way, especially if there's a boulder or something else waiting on the other side, you can leap over more than one thing at a time... battle zone is a fun game, but needs two things in my opinion... balance adjustments, and some real voice acting.

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Exactly. I couldn't agree more.
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