Also though, don't forget games like mario where you only had at most two or three hits anyway.

There, even some of the normal enemies could be most tricky in avoiding what they threw at you.

This is actually another thing I think has contributed to the boppit style effect of a lot of audiogames. Most, if not all are simply based on damaging something before it damages you, or damaging something before it lands in space invaders style.

While I do appreciate the issues of showing enough space around enemies or trps in order to avoid them, or in being able to accurately represent the trajectory, number and area of effect of enemy projectiles in audio, I do think far more could be done.

For instance, several bosses in the mega man series have an attack which strikes the ground in one place, but also creates sparks which fan along the ground at point of impact.

While this is going on of course, you also have to avoid the boss themselves, who may be charging at you or jumping at you.

Spark mandril in the Mega man X game worked exactly like this.

There is no reason why this sort of attack shouldn't! occur in an audio side scroller.

Youu need to listen for the descending lightning balt, then jump other sparks along the ground, while listening out for the boss's position.

All quite possible.

While I grant some attacks, such as Sigmas in mega man x 2 where he shot a fan of five fireballs across most of the screen depending upon your position relative to him, or dracula's in Castlevania where he not only teleported around, but shot a single, super fast fireball that split into many smaller ones if you hit it, there is stil I think more that can be done;.

then of course is the matter of hits.

the cooper kids in super mario world all have easy attacks to avoid, for instance roy rolls across the floor, then up the walls and tries to jump on you from above, so you first need to avoid his charge, then his cieling drop.

Two hits however, and it's over for mario, while Roy needs his head stomping five times, ---- and of course you can't stomp him until he's finished his charge and roll routine.

Oh, and of course in all these examples, sinse jumps and movement are analogue, even jumping over a boss' charge once is a matter of timing and some practice.

And when you get to the donkey kong country games, things get ridiculous!

Beware the grue!


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