Hi Dark,

Actually, I don't see it the same way. Getting rid of BSC Games and
bringing everything under one umbrela
sounds to me like Justin is not going to be reviving his games and
other projects. It looks to me what Justin is doing is putting all of
his software into a single holding company that will continue to sell
his old software, offer tech support services, etc while at the same
time not really producing anything new. That's what I would do if I
couldn't keep USA Games going and had other software products besides
games to offer the community.

In fact, after I get USA Raceway and Mysteries of the Ancients out of
my hair I do plan to branch out and work on some non-game related
projects I've been developing in my free time. For instance, one
project I've been working on is a clone of Sony Soundforge which will
primarily be for the Linux operating system. Free open source editers
like Audacity are ok, but I've yet not found anything that is
accessible and good as Soundforge Pro for Linux. So I've been working
on a sound studio/editer  that will be similar to Soundforge. As far
as weather it will be open source or sold for a small fee I haven't
decided yet.

Another project I have plans to write will be a good accessible OCR
package for Linux. Something like K1000 or Openbook, but will be open
source and can be bundled with Ubuntu etc as part of the installation.
It will wrap speech-dispatcher and be able to do all the things we
expect such as scan and read, flip the pages if you scan them upside
down, etc. That way Linux users such as myself won't be behind when it
comes to specialized OCR technology.


On 4/11/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Short answer, no there isn't.
> As Justin hasn't developed gamesfor a while due I believe to a far more
> demanding job I'm not sure if there will be a pipe 3 ever, though bsc have
> recently refurbished their website so it's possible they're thinking about
> getting back into developement.
> Myself though i'd rather see them try something other than another arcade
> game sinse we have quite a few of those.
> In fact it'd be great if castlequest or the void were pulled out of the
> cupboard, though i don't know if this is likely.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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