Hi everyone,
After so much time on bug fixing and implementing a major new feature, I am 
pleased to finally present you with River Raiders 1.2!
Here is the complete change log:
. Added: Online score posting.
. Added: A configuration utility accessible through the main menu.
. Added: More ghosts and a much more dangerous one...
. Added: You can now adjust the music volume from menus as well as in game play.
. Changed: Coins and bonuses are now generated in multiples of 50 and 10 
respectively, rather than completely randomising between a minimum and maximum 
. Changed: Adjusted the monster's maximum movement speed.
. Changed: Laughing ghosts are now spookier.
. Changed: Better death sequences.
. Changed: The local score manager uses the name you typed during configuration 
instead of asking you to type your name after every game.
. Changed: Tweaked the local score manager so that it is now impossible to 
manually change your local scores.
. Changed: Tweaked bonuses so that chances are slightly fairer.
. Changed: Lessened the severity of the ghost attack that cause you to swim 
. Fixed: The radio would not turn off if the whistle was being played through 
the radio.
. Fixed: Typo in the code causing the wrong amount of coins to be placed on the 
. Fixed: A bug with the bonus booth central notification if a game had been 
previously cancelled.
. Fixed: A bug that would cause the game timer to start counting down even 
before all sounds had been initialised.
. Fixed: A bug where the scores would be kept in memory even after the scores 
file was cleared.
. Fixed: A bug where you could still move while paused.
. Fixed: A bug where the monster would still attack you even if it was 
. Fixed: An annoying click on the underwater ambience has been removed.
. Fixed: Your score now cannot go below 0.
. Fixed: You now stop breathing when you drown if you have an oxygen mask on.
. Fixed: You now revert to full air the moment you reach the surface rather 
than a second or so afterwards.
. Fixed: Some mistakes in the manual.
. Fixed: A bug that caused Bianca to constantly issue air warnings if your air 
allowance was set to 50 because of previous ghost attacks.
Head on over to our games page at www.x-sight-interactive.net to download your 
Again, as usual, if there are comments, suggestions and the like, please email 
and we will see what can be done.
Happy gaming!
Damien C. Pendleton,
Head of X-Sight Interactive.
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