Recently had two problems with the downloadable version of the rs game 
client software. I have emailed them, but no response. So that is why I am 
asking here.

1. I've had the game freeze up on me 3 different times. One time was on a 
monopoly board. I was playing against 2 bots when it was a bots turn. The 
bot was putting houses on a property when it froze up. I left the table, 
came back in and it was still froze up. I eventually had to quit the game.

The other two times was while playing black jack. I was playing with another 
person. We put our bets on the table, and the dealer never dealt. When the 
other person stood up, it kicked me off the table. We went back in and 
started playing again when it froze up again in the same situation.

2. This problem is in the monopoly game. This particular nuisance I have not 
written to RS games about, but thought I would post it here.

The problem is a focus issue. I am playing the rs games on a windows 7 32 
bit machine running jaws 12. The problem arises when the appropriate window 
does not have focus.

For instance, you just rolled doubles. You move to a property you want to 
buy. But instead of being able to buy it, the roll menu is in focus. You 
have to roll again before the option to buy the property is available. So 
you end up buying the property after you have already rolled again.

Or, a more major problem is when you are managing assets, and you hit enter 
on a property to build houses, mortgage, etc, many times it will lose focus. 
You hit buy house, it builds the house. But then dumps you back to the roll 
menu. You go back to manage  assets, select the property, select build 
house, and it says invalid. The reason it is invalid is that the other two 
menu selections windows are still open and causing it to be invalid. So one 
has to jump through many hoops for it to gain focus on those open windows 
and get them closed before proceeding. Sometimes this has taken me many 
minutes to just build a couple of houses. I've even exited and logged back 
on to clear this up. Quite, quite annoying.

There also has been instances where after my turn was over, I could press 
the up or down arrow key and windows would be there. Hitting enter on the 
appropriate item will cause that window to disappear. I've even gotten to 
roll when it wasn't my turn because of these ghost windows.

Has anyone else experienced these problems or annoyances? How did you 
resolve them.

BTW, does anyone think the sounds are too loud? I only have one sound card 
for both jaws and any other sounds. The main sound that plays when selecting 
a game or table is too loud and must be turned down in order to hear the 
selections. The background sounds that play during game play many times 
overwhelms jaws and I have to wait for it to stop playing in order to 
continue. I think that once the volume for the primary sound is set, this 
setting should be saved in the game so that the next time the game launches 
or you switch tables, it doesn't go back to full volume.

Thanks in advance.


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