That may be, but did Code Factory explicitly give permission to
redistribute their programs or not. Did they state they are making
these games public domain, I.E. public property, because if not it is
technically piracy according to the laws of the United States and
other international copyright laws. That's the thing you people often
overlook here.

There is some misguided idea that if developer x stops producing a
game, stops selling it, they assume it must be freeware and begin
sharing cracks all over the net. Unless the company have given
explicit notice in writing somewhere that this is sanctioned by them
it is software piracy. You might or might not think this is fair, but
it is the law.

For example, let's assume that someone decides to upload a copy of
Windows 98 to sendspace complete with keys and everything. Microsoft
doesn't support it any more. They don't sell it any more. So that
makes it legal to share it?

Of course not! It is still owned and controled by Microsoft. Its
copyright status has not changed, and just because Microsoft is no
longer making it publically available doesn't mean it is now freeware.
The same exact issue applies to these games. Unless the copyrights and
end user license has changed your breaking the law by sharing the


On 4/20/11, shaun everiss <> wrote:
> well look at the forum.
> Code factory of last we know is not interested in gaming anymore.
> In fact last contact has had them say they have dropped all titles.
> There is a topic on cracking their games, on the audiogames general forum.
> Its a shame they dumped their entire gaming side.

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