If you get a game demo, you get the idea of the game. Once you buy it, you unlock it and find that the demo scratched the surface. Phil gave the benefits of buying Tenpin Alley compared to playing the demo. SOD gives you the first level of the game. Buy it and you have a heck of a lot more gaming fun. Tank Commander gives 5 more levels with no time limits. Lone Wolf's demo gives the first 2 of 17 missions, plus the ability to play almost 100 others that gamers have created. The demo of MOTA, although still in testing, gives 2 out of how many levels that will be created? My point is, a demo is a great way to introduce or showcase a game, and if you like it, you'll like the full version even more. It's up to the gamer, but the full version of a demo is usually well worth the money spent.

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The trouble is that most companies today, in the mainstream, don't
offer demos of games. THey offer trailors. I love our companies,
because they do offer demos, but for some people, buying the full
version should unlock loads of worlds, new equipment, etc. like in
Shades of Doom.

I think that the comment stems from games like Ten Pin Alley and to an
extent, Entombed, that do not differ in gameplay from demo to full
version, only in content. I value this difference enough to buy
Entombed, and I've considered buying Ten Pin Alley off and on,
although (no criticism intended) I enjoy Wii Sports a little more, and
I already have it.
I've often thought that, should I begin to market games once I'm
proficient enough to make them interesting, I'll offer either a
trailor, a very limited demo, or a timed demo. The first is
self-explanatory, the second is a demo like Shades of Doom, where you
run into one additional weapon and two monsters, and the third option
is like Galaxy Rangers etc.

Ten Pin Alley does rather offer a lot of itself up, but this in no way
makes purchasing the full game unreasonable.

Dakotah Rickard

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