Your fish situation is very strange indeed.  The algae maxing out around 50 is 
actually correct, since it will never go beyond 50, or sometimes 51, depending 
on how it rounds the number.  While adjusting the piranha, to fix that 
population bug, I never touched anything about algae growth or fish behavior.  
I know many of the game's equations are intertwined, but from what I can tell, 
my changes can't have had any affect on it.  I'll keep my eyes open for 
anything that might be causing the algae or fish to be different.  As always, 
thanks for letting me know!

Good call on the water / dirt suggestion.  I've written that down, and I'll 
make that change when I'm programming next.

The custom games are coming along nicely, so, unless something goes wrong, I'll 
be including those in the next update.  I know I've made this exact promise 
like 2 times already, so feel free to ignore me haha.

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