I don't think putting your own twist on songs would be very practical. firstly because this is supposed to be a learning tool. which means non-guitarist will probably mess something up pretty badly and think they're putting their own twist on it and wonder why the game wasn't taking it. haha. another reason is I'd imagine there would be a ton of options for what people can do. there's no way that current engine could do that. Harmonix did say they wanted to completely blur the line between real musicians and gamers, and they are planning on adding improvisation and the like to rock band 4. who knows if it'll ever happen or not, but they did say it would be a huge undertaking. thing is the engine they create will need to be compatible with old content all the way back from rock band 1 era. imagine if people with over 2000 songs in their libraries were told that content was no longer playable in newer iterations of the game? people are already having a fit because legacy DLC can't be upgraded with keys and the like and they have to buy that DLC again. and that's only for a few songs that have it.

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Hey... whatever man. If you really want to, I'm game for that as long as you have a guitar to work with. lol. Of course the problem with pro guitar is... you have to learn the, um, "standard" way to play that song... which is the way the guitarist originally meant it. Even if you come up with the same cords and put your own twist on the song while playing usually, rock band doesn't allow your customizations... the cords have to be exact. I tried. lol. If you try to do an e power cord using the top two strings... with your fingers on the 12th and 14th fret, but the song was playerd originally with the exact same power cord on the d and g strings with your fingers on the second and fourth frets, the first one is incorrect... because that was not how the official tabs say it should be.

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