I am holding a contest for all registered users of Phrase Madness.  The winner 
of this contest will receive $20 for a job well-done.
Here's how this contest works:

Record as many new phrases as possible, zip them up, and send the zip file  to 
k...@theaddictor.com.  The person with the biggest and best phrase pack wins 
the cash.  It's that simple--or is it?
There are, of course, a couple limits.  first, phrases which are repeats of 
phrases in the game are disqualified.
Second, only *registered* users may enter this contest.
Third, remember that recording quality is important--no background noises, 
popping p and t etc please!  Record using medium-quality MP3 or, better yet, 
Microsoft adpcm 4-bit quality at at least 22050 Hz.  (If you are using 
Goldwave, save as wav, go to the attributes list, press g, go up once and 
you'll be on the adpcm attribute.)
There are, however, no other limits.  
You can make an adult phrase pack.  you can make a foreign language phrase 
pack.  The sky's the limit.
Just remember to call the pack after your user name--for example, Ken 
Downey.zip.  Don't worry about changing numbers to fit in the game--I will do 
all that work.
Finally, know that all acceptable phrases from all contestants *will* be used 
in the game.

This contest will run until August 1, 2011, which should give you all ample 
time to familiarize yourselves with the phrases and make new ones.
Also, the comments contest for all unregistered users is being extended to 
August 1.

Ken Downey
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