Hi Ryan and all,

The analog jumping wasn't permanently removed, but just disabled for
this release. The reason is because when I recompiled Mysteries of the
Ancients using the Genesis 3.0 engine I found out my implamentation of
the analog jump system was causing problems with SDL input. Instead of
stopping a jump it would cause the game to go into an infinit loop,
lockup, and crash. The only way to get out of it was to alt+f4 out of
the game completely. I can't tell you exactly why it worked with
DirectX and not SDL, but all I can say for sure as it was causing some
nasty bugs and major instability. So I did the only thing I could do
and disabled analog jumping until I can work the bugs out of it, and
will put analog jumping etc back into the game as soon as I'm sure it
is stable enough to do so. Diddo for some of the other things I
disabled or removed like joystick and mouse support.

Basicly, what we have here is an updated Genesis Engine based
primarily on the cross-platform version i designed for Linux and Mac
OS, I recently ported to Windows, and some of the things aren't
altogether working properly like joystick and mouse support. In fact,
I'm not all that happy with the way SDL handles joysticks in general,
lacks advanced features like force feedback so what I might have to do
is settle for using some Windows proprietary APIs like DirectInput or
XInput for joysticks, SAPI for TTS support, and use SDL, ESpeak, etc
on the non-Windows side. That's in the future though. For now I do
have a cross-platform engine that seems to work fairly decently on
Windows, Mac OS,  and Linux now and can build upon that framework
assuming we have everything working properly.


On 5/24/11, Ryan Conroy <staindadd...@juno.com> wrote:
> Why was analogue jumping removed? Just curious. I kinda liked that feature.

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