There is stil the demo on blind cool tech about the game which mardi posted, though for some reason the audio presentation on the mardi website is down.

As regards the game overall, it's always stuck me mississippi is one of those games which would be far more fun with multiple players than alone.

Whenever I've tried it, I've just been waiting with stock to sell for the random markit changes, buy something else wait for some randomness etc, with the odd event thrown in. As a single player game I never personally found there was enough to keep me interested which is why i've never bought it.

However, if those same random factors and messages could be affecting other players, I could see the game changing, much the way something like monopoly or the game of life becomes far more fun with more players.

I actually wish Mardi would release a version with either the ability to play against computer opponents or, better stil, an online play mode, sinse being turn based it'd be perfect to play across the net with other people.

As a single player game though I've always found it lacking, which is a shame sinse obviously lots of work has gone into it.

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