Hi Dark,

No, Inform is very newby friendly. It is a very simplistic programming
language, and its very understandible. I think as an intro language it
isn't too bad. Of course, by the time I started learning it I had
years of experience with major languages so naturally it would seem
simple to me.

As for your other points I completely agree with you. I honestly
thought about not responding to Michael's post precisely because of
the "poor blind me" attitude expressed in the original post. I think
that it is a given  most everyone here on the list is totally blind or
has low vision so I would have known of Michael's disability issue in
advance, and in any case being blind has nothing to do with it to
begin with. I'm totally blind and that has never stopped me from
programming applications.  The only times I ca think of when my
blindness was an issue is when a certain tool, IDE, or somethig I
needed to develope software with wasn't screen reader accessible.
However, there are usually accessible alternatives for it. When it
comes to Inform accessibility really isnt an issue. I've used the
Inform 7 IDE for Windows and Linux both are fairly accessible. So I
don't believe Michael will run into any serious access issues.

As for source code you are right. All it is basically a flat ascii
text file with a special extention like cpp to denote it is a C++
source file, cs for C-Sharp source file, pl for perl, and so on. You
can write the actual code/language and syntax using any plane vinila
text editor like Notepad, Gedit, Emacs, Ultra Edit, Textpad, whatever.
I write 90% of my source code using a plane ascii text editor called
Gedit which is the default text editor for Linux which is similar to
Notepad, but with some extra tools like a spell checker, built in
dictionary, and things like that.


On 5/30/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Michael.
> I'm not really sure this is the place to ask inform related questions simply
> because I don't know how many people have used that language here.
> Your best off searching on resources like http://www.wurb.com/if/ for
> tutorials on the subject and asking on the forum on
> http://www.intfiction.org/forum/
> from what I've heard though, inform is not the best place to start if you
> have no knolidge of programming.
> You might try http://www.textadventures.co.uk/quest/ for the quest system,
> which is supposed to be absolutely right to none programmers.
> Btw, as regards the site thing, one reason why so many visually impared
> people are into programming and such is simply that a lot of programming
> involves essentially writing the correct text files in the right language,
> just like bgt explains.
> though there are exceptions, such as when developers like microsoft make
> inaccessible tools for manipulating their program libraries etc, these
> shouldn't come up until you get into the more advanced areas.
> So the bottom line is being blind makes no difference really!
> On a politeness front, also on a list ful of very compitant blind people,
> it's not really the best manners to play the "I'm blind so help me" card,
> sinse most people here could if they wish. That atitude is just going to
> irritate people sinse it's one of the things that often gives blind people a
> bad name, ---- heck I'll freely admit I have a prejudice against the sort of
> people who do that myself.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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