Hi all,

As the subject states I'm looking for  some feedback regarding the
audio support in Mysteries of the Ancients beta 19 as this seems to be
a point of contention for a number of Windows users. I know that many
of you are part and partial to Microsoft DirectSound, and some of you
have out right called the new FMOD Ex support aweful, crap, etc. At
this point I'm not sure how to resolve this issue for yu  guys as I am
still pretty knew to FMOD and I'm trying to convert the way FMOD Ex
pans audio to something that emulates or sounds like DirectSound. In
that I have not been too successful to date. However, that does not
mean we are out of options. Just that the solutions here  are not that
apealing right now.

The first and simplest solution is to  accept the way things are. As
for me personally the  way FMOD pans sounds isn't a big deal. It
doesn't bother me, and sounds  good enough. However, I realize from
the on and off list messages on this topic many of you don't like it
at all.

The alternative solution would be to split the Genesis engine into two
different engines. One built specifically for Windows users and one
specifically built for Linux users. This has both  pros and cons that
need to be weighed carefully.

The up side of building two specific engines for each platform is that
I could make use of native APIs for each platform. On Windows I could
use DirectInput, DirectSound, the Win32 API, MS Sapi, etc where on the
linux side it would use LibSDL, OpenAL-Soft, Speech-Dispatcher, and so
on. That sounds good in theory, but is nothing short of a nightmare to

The down side is in many of the cases comparing APIs is like comparing
apples and oranges. I'll have to write various wrappers to convert
things back and forth between APIs so the game code will compile on
either engine without a great deal of modification on my part. That
will take considerable time to  add and will delay the release of
games like MOTA even further  even more than it already is. Which is
not something I look forward to doing at this point in the development

The final option or solution I can see here is not necessarily to make
two different game engines, but take some time away from MOTA,
Raceway, etc to write a custom sound API for the G3D engine. It might
wrap DirectSound or XAudio2 on the Windows side, and wrap OpenAL on
the Linux side. This seems to me to be the right solution, but would
take a good couple months or more to develope as I'd have to wrap two
different sound APIs and then expose them to the G3D engine through a
single universl API the way Streemway wraps DirectSound and XAudio2
for the BGT engine.

In either case it is important that I get this issue sorted out pretty
soon as licensing FMOD Ex will take about a third of my expected
income from sales, and I don't want to really do that if end users are
really that  unhappy with it that I might loose sales or it will
detract from the games I write  using the Genesis 3D engine. I'm not
sure what to do here as FMOD Ex has a good reputation, has a lot of
advanced features that blows DirectX away, but I'm unable to figure
out how to get it to pan the way DirectSound does which is why people
are complaining about it. If there is a cheaper solution we can all
agree upon then I'm willing to give it a try.


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