Hi Folks,
I didn't see any message about Super Egg Hunt Plus,so I went to Liam's site and found:
Super Egg Hunt Plus is coming!
Posted on 13 Jun 2011 by Liam
A few years ago, I released super Egg Hunt. I am absolutely amazed at how such a simple concept still is enjoyed to this day. so I wanted to do something special. In comes Super Egg Hunt Plus. what is Super Egg Hunt plus? It's the same great game, but with some extra features.

first, there's game modes. Running around a grid picking up eggs is fine, but how can we change it up? Well how about a survival mode where once the chicken pecks you, it's game over. Or how about a run through a chicken coop. dodging more chickens and picking up eggs? How about a mode where Clocks work against you. Picking them up makes you lose time instead of gain it? and for those who want to go retro, there's the classic egg hunt. Just Eggs. Along with score boards and a extra special surprise, There is plenty of fun to be had.

This isn't free is it? Super Egg Hunt plus does not have a fixed price yet. More information will be made availible when the release date is closer.

so what if I just want to play the free game? there will be a free game, right? Of course. The free version is not going anywhere. Upgrading is totally optional. You will never be nagged or bothered about upgrading to plus. You'll be able to play the normal mode and post your scores like you always have.

Is there a release date? Nope. Not yet. I have a target of around the second or third quarter of 2011, but things can change in a hurry and it could be done before or after that time.

Read more about Super Egg Hunt plus's game modes
Posted on 23 Jun 2011 by Liam
here's a list of the modes you can expect in the release of Super Egg Hunt. these modes are subject to change.

normal: Standard game. Collect eggs. avoid chickens. clocks freeze the chicken and add time.

Survival: Like normal. But once you are pecked, game is over. chicken gets faster over time. Score is number of seconds, plus eggs collected.

chicken coop: two minutes, smaller grid with coop sounds. three chickens.

Minute Rush: collect as many eggs as you can in a minute. NO chickens, no clocks. just eggs.

Clocked in: Normal game. except clocks subtract time and speed up the chicken.

Hyper Hunt: normal, but entire Game including clock is sped up.

Classic mode: The classic egg hunt game. complete with old sounds.

Mix up Mode: Every 15 seconds, eggs and clocks are rerandomized on the grid.

Clear The Grid: clear an ever-expanding grid of eggs. Each cleared grid adds time to the clock. The level number determines the number of eggs on the grid.

Nervous Breakdown: Imagine hyper mode, chicken coop and clocked in all rolled in to one. Except the clocks can be both good and bad. getting pecked by a chicken subtracts 45 seconds from your time.


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