Press the / key (question mark), and it will bring up a dialog box for you to 
type in.  I believe there is a limit of 100 characters per message, but I can't 
quite remember and I'm not in front of my code right this second.  Basically 
treat it more like an instant messenger, and less like a forum post, haha!  If 
you put /e in front of your message, it becomes an emoticon action.  For 
If you type
"Hello everyone." and press enter, others will see "Burak says, Hello everyone."
If you type
"/e waves good morning." and press enter, others will see "* Burak waves good 
The asterisk is automatically added to the front, to help prevent people from 
intentionally confusing the crap out of everyone who thinks those messages are 
coming from the game itself, haha.

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