There are 2 reasons I can think of, that would explain that.  For one, you 
might not have a butcher.  Without a butcher, hunters gut the animals 
themselves and they don't save the furs.  You get less meat from the animals 
also.  If you have a butcher in your settlement, the hunters don't waste time 
gutting the animals themselves, instead they just drop the animal carcasses off 
at the storehouse.  When brought to the butcher shop, butchers remove the 
animal fur, and they gut the animal for meat.  You get twice as much meat, 
because butchers are more efficient.  The furs are then stored for later use.

The other possibility is that someone is currently carrying the carcass to the 
butcher shop.  Items in transit (being carried by a peasant) do not show up in 
your inventory.  If this is what is going on, the dead animal will show up at 
your butcher shop as soon as the peasant walks there.

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