Hi Christina.

Www.audiogames.net and www.pcsgames.net are the two places to look for games. pcs has a massive list of websites, and audiogames.net has a list of games you cans earch by catagory, ----- three of those catagories being stratogy, rpg and adventure.

in terms of audio rpgs, entombed is the only thing going at the moment, though there is a game just released called Airik the clerric though they are stil working out the bugs.

for a pure adventure game though, you could try sarah from pcs games. You get to explore hogworts castle from the harry potter series, cast spells, avoid nasty creatures, and generally find a lot.

The navigation is full first person which may take some getting used to, but the aides such as creature detectors make this easier.

There is also terraformers from pin interactive, a scifi adventure game again in 3D where you wander around in a space sute trying to solve puzles and find parts to a malfunctioning computer that is running havoc on a human colony planet.

Great sounds, very good descriptions and a gentle learnnig curve there.

that is possibly it for pure adventure and rpg games in audio, though it is also worth noting that many brouser based, mud, or text games exist of this type too. Brouser games you can play with your screen reader and web brouser include Sryth, Kingdom of Loathing and twilight heroes.

then there are some muds, real time text games that requirea special mud client program to play, ---- if you've ever played interactive fiction adventure games, muds are rather similar.

there are many of these, but the ones that stand out for me are alterean, ----- which has a soundpack so complete it's virtually an audio game in it's own right, materiamagica and medevia.

Try vip mud from www.gmagames for these.

As for stratogy, well you've tried castaways, and jeremy also produced a very good population and ecology mangaement game called lunimals, ----- some of the concepts of which ended up in castaways.

There are then several war stratogy games where you command an army and attempt to destroy opponents.

sound rts, where you have peasants, knights, magicians and dragons to command, and must also manage resources. You can even play online and challenge other humans too.

There is then time of conflict, a more modern war stratogy game from gma games where you command literally hundreds of planes, boats, armoured troop devisions and the like and try and conquer your enemy.

Thus far that can only be played against computer, but multiplayer is coming.

Then, there is towers of war again by aprone, a game in which you need to position artillliary towers around a map to defeat various hoards of creatures coming along the path. The stratogy comes in what towers you buy with your limited money, how you upgrade their range, rate of fire or damage, and where you place the towers to most effeiciently cover the monsters' travel route. Then, there are many stratogy games played in your brouser. Space stratogy games where you control hole empires like atereon and unification wars, or more economic and ship based stratogy where you fly around the universe in a single ship trying to make a prophit or battle enemies rpg style, core exiles is a fine example of one of these.

If you like the idea of spaceship stratogy, you may also try the two smugglers games from niels bauer, smugglers 3 and 4. These are games you download and play, butuse your screen reader to navigate and read the in game text.

You have a single ship in a glaaxy at war, and can advance by either strategic economic trading, or by doing missions for your faction and having rpg type turn based battles with enemy spaceships.

Information for all of these games can be found on www.audiogames.net.


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