hi all, well yet again the audyssey list shoots itself squarely in the head! 
for only about the tenth time in the ten years i've been on it!
and yet again, it's, frankly, pathetic! i've seen 5 year olds behave better 
than this.
i'm not going to pick names out and spend the next hour going through 
individual comments, who said what and who did this and that! because, to be 
honest, i'd be wasting my evening.

so i shall keep it fairly short and to the point.

thomas, i'd say this was your first major outburst on list of this nature in 
the years you've been on here, and you have took time out to think, and 
publicly appologised to the list for your comments. it's a pity several other 
members haven't had the descency and the guts to do the same!

so, thomas will be staying as a list moderator (if he so wishes), this is not 
up for discussion, my decision is final!
this is purely because, based on the recent applicants when raul left, there 
are very few members interested in moderating anyhow, and also based on the 
recent behaviour this week, there's very few members putting up a convincing 
argument for themselves to moderate!! they apparently can't even follow the 
guidelines, let alone enforce them!

i think everyone needs to remember, developers of all sorts in the community, 
on the whole do what they do as a hobby. it's not theri livelihood, it's not 
their 9-5 full time job, and some of them have families and lives outside of 
this community. we've lost so many developers over the years for basically the 
same reason. member s nag nag naggin them 24/7 about when a game will be out. 
bitching on list because they don't like this element of a game, or this 
doesn't work and why haven't you sorted it, this game was due out 2 minutes 
ago, why isn't it! etc etc.

a game will be released as and when the developer is happy with it. whether 
that takes 3 weeks or 12 months is entirely upto that developer. if you don't 
like that, go play a different game in the meantime, or write your own! 
 because one thing is for sure, if a game is released early in order to keep 
the moaners quiet, it will be those said same moaners who will be on the 
developers back the next day because there's 23 bugs in the game.

if you don't like what someone has said on list, you contact the moderators OFF 
LIST!!!! and if it's a moderator your unhappy with, then you come to me as list 
owner. this is clearly written in the guidelines, and has been said so often on 
list over the years it's ridiculous!

so, any further comments on the recent events are not permitted on list! anyone 
posting such comments, will be instantly moderated, 
no excuses, the line above should be clear even to those 5 year olds i 
mentioned earlier if they were to read it.

 i'm doing this simply because, there's guaranteed to be one or two people who 
will drag this on for days unless measures are put in place, and the list 
traffic is too high to put everyone on moderated status and run the list 
effectively. if anyone wants to comment, you contact me off list.

i think as moderators we are extremely relaxed on list traffic. now if people, 
and that includes the moderators themselves, want to push the limits, then i 
will be quite happy to enforce the guidelines TO THE LETTER in future. there 
are plenty of lists around who are extremely strict on their content, and in my 
experience, they are generally less interesting as they have no personality at 
all. so let's not put the audyssey list in that situation.

after all folks, we're talking about gaming here, something that is supposed to 
be fun, entertaining, relaxing after a hard day. but let's also remember, and 
this goes for all developers, those developers are human beings with lives to 
lead, and they have no obligation whatsoever to write the games. 
so think about it the next time your writing a "when is game x being released" 
email, and it's the 14th time you've asked the same question to the same 
developer. all's your doing is pushing him to that undefined breaking point 
where he says "you know what? i don't need this crap! i'm done!"
 and the same goes for the developers, try not to bring any resentment of 
customers/members on list. again, if anyone is bugging you, come to the 
moderators, or in tom's case come to me as owner.

this community has done it's best to self combust a number of times over the 
years, and one day it will blow itself apart if we let it.
so all i ask, is people think before they post. if something annoys you on 
list, dont instantly hit the reply button, ... leave it alone for a bit before 
replying, or come to the mods or myself.

so let's put the last few days behind us and move on. 

thanks all. :)
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