Hey guys,
After ever such a long time of silence, we are back with a chunk of information 
for the taking.
We are still in the process of working on our audiogames. Some small, and one 
rather large which I hope everyone will enjoy. I won't divulge too much 
information here, except that it is a sidescrolling adventure. Also, I won't be 
promising any release dates, since we all know what can sometimes get in the 
way while developing games.
Never fear though...We plan to release audio snippets to wet your appetite as 
the game comes closer to completion. Which brings me very nicely to my next 
Often, a single news item at the bottom of a webpage doesn't warrant a small 
entry such as an immediate idea, thought or event. Twitter, on the other hand, 
seems great for it and, my personal experiences with Twitter have convinced me 
to set one up for X-Sight related stuff as well.
All news entries, behind-the-scenes information, audio clips etc will be posted 
there as they happen. It will be the first place to receive news items, and the 
only place to receive our regular mini progress report posts and short audio 
Therefore now, those who are interest are free to log into Twitter (or sign up 
for an account if you don't have one), and follow us at XSINews. This will be 
replacing our previous blog, since it is easier to maintain and, in my opinion, 
a lot more secure.
Hope to see you there!
Damien Pendleton
Head of X-Sight Interactive
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