Hi all,
I am the owner of MTGames, where I make audio games. This will be my first true 
game I and a friend have written. It is called Easter quest. So without
further delays, let's get into the game!
The goal of this game is to pick up as many eggs for as many points as you can 
in the allotted time period. You get 4 minutes, along with whatever extra
time you may accumulate during the game. There are three types of eggs, which 
can increase the strategy of the game, as they are each worth a different
number of points.
"But wait!" I hear you cry. Isn't that just like super egg hunt? My answer is 
not quite. There is no way for an enemy to attack you or anything in this
game, but there is a dog that will try to bury your eggs, making you lose 
points, and worse, time. That is one difference. However, I think the major 
is that there are multiple types of eggs, as I have already said, each with 
their own number of points. Also, instead of having clocks, the eggs will 
give you extra time. I leave it up to you to decide whether you think this game 
is too much like super egg hunt. However my goal was not to replace super
egg hunt, simply to offer some more options and flavor.
Now, to where you can get it. You can get this game at the games page: 
If you want a direct link for some reason, that link would be: 
I hope you all enjoy this game and stick along with me in the years to come, as 
I develop even more audio games. Hang on, it'll be an interesting ride.
Sincerely yours,
Michael Taboada, MTGames.
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