Alter Aeon is at it again with a new set of expansions!  We've done a
pretty thorough rework and update of the thief class, with two
entirely new groups of skills and a number of updates to older ones.
Major additions include:

- Updates to the poison brewing and handling skill tree, with the new
abilities to poison food and corpses, reduce antidotes, and brew
advanced poisons with special effects

- A complete new skill tree has been added for shadow skills, with new
skills to aid in stealth, combat, and transport

- A brand new set of skills for creating and throwing grenades, with
several recipes including firebombs, flash bombs, smoke bombs, and
stink bombs

- New low level skills added to aid in finding safe areas and help
escape bad situations when grouping with others

- A major update to the lock picking skills, turning it into a more
progressive and potentially faster process

- Minor updates for other classes, including automatically reviving
vampires and a new low level skill for warriors

Everyone is welcome to play, so if you're new to the game feel free to
stop by and check us out.  For more information and soundpack
downloads, see our web site at:

For those of you who don't know anything about us, Alter Aeon is a
multiplayer text-based game with a lot of features and settings to
help make it blind-friendly. Over half our playerbase is blind or
visually impaired, and we have blind builders and staff helping to
expand and improve the game.


Dennis Towne

Alter Aeon MUD

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