Until I saw your saved game Bill, I hadn't even thought about someone stripping 
every last resource from the map!  Hahaha, clearly your game had been going for 
a long time and you had a lot of stone masons and miners.  When the next 
version releases, you won't be able to actually run completely out of 
resources.  If you use up everything on the map, your people will Very! slowly 
still gather resources, but they will have to wander off of the map to do it.  
It will serve as a punishment, because it will be so much slower, but it will 
at least keep people from being essentially defeated when they can never gain 
more lumber, bricks, or metal, that they may need to finish the mission.

I'll give some thought to your ideas for grouping the buildings.  I'm actually 
in the process of coding hotkeys for assigning jobs.  Enough people have 
brought that up lately, that it has moved to the top of my to-do list, lol.  
You can destroy buildings by selecting them and pressing Delete.  This will 
also work to cancel a new construction that you realize is not what you wanted 
to build.

I think having people drop their current task immediately could have negative 
effects on how the game is played, but I'll keep it in mind.  The Sapi messages 
were originally set up to not interrupt each other, and it was a nightmare 
haha, believe me.

Smarter messages is pretty high up on my to-do list, but I just haven't had 
time yet, and it is a rather time consuming task to do.

When it comes to online play, I am still working on a competitive mode.  It 
will allow players to support their chosen kingdom, working to build it up 
toward victory, while attacking other to beat down the competition.

Lol, I guess they were scrounging around for more 
stone to work with, so never returned for job reassignment.  Not sure how I 
managed to use up all my stone, but my settlement is fairly large, and is 
surrounded by goblins. The thought of running out of resources had crossed my 
mind, but I didn't realize there were hard limits coded in.
I can see how limiting resources could come in 
useful in future missions, or maybe in the higher difficulty settings.  If 
limited resources are factored in, messages warning that the resources are 
 becoming harder to find, or the resources are gone, would be extremely 
Here are a few more suggestions for future 
improvements.  Feel free to take them or leave them:
* While the current free-style missions are 
extremely fun, I really enjoyed the story-style 
missions of Lunamals.  These also could help to ease new players 
into learning the game mechanics.
* Finding a particular building in a large 
settlement is a bit cludgy with the current interface.  One way to speed 
this up a bit would be to announce the coordinates after the building type 
instead of before it.  You could also provide an alternate control for 
grouping all your buildings by type, maybe in an expandable 
* Job assignments can also take a bit of time when 
many different types of jobs are available.  Another possible way 
for quickly assigning jobs would be to allow the player to type in the 
first letter or letters of the job name.
* Way to destroy accidentally constructed 
* Way to cause a person to drop what they are doing 
and start on a new task immediately.
* Way to prevent SAPI messages from interrupting 
each other.
* Smarter message delivery algorithms.  Not 
really sure how this could be improved, but it would be helpful to keep from 
hearing about each individual goblin movement, for example, but to 
hear about further encroachment onto a player's land.
* online cooperative and/or competitive 
Keep up the good work; your games are 
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