Alex asked:

I am just wondering, does anyone know if there are compatibility issues
between the 7 128 game book and jaws, or between it and windows 7 64 bit?
as I start the game up, and I find that I can't get jaws to read me any
of the menus when it is loaded, and when I switch to sapi, its very
sluggish and unresponsive. It worked fine under xp, leading me to think
there must be an issue somewhere with windows 7 or something.
any help with the above issues would be really appreciated, thanks,

The answer is that Freedom Scientific has NOT upgraded JAWS so that JAVA 
programs on 64 bit operating systems like WIN 7 will function correctly.  We  
contacted them, and at the time we did so, there was no date by which they said 
they would fix the problem.  You can use the game voice which works fine on WIN 
7.  Whatever SAPI voice you have will be the default.  If nothing else, it will 
default to Kevin - (a voice akin to Robbie the robot on acid) but having the 
benefit of being free!

I'm sorry they have not seen fit to make this change. There are a number of 
programs besides ours that are written in JAVA and are affected by this. If 
anyone hears that they have made the fix, please let us know so we can make 
sure that our games work with jaws.

Eleanor Robinson
7-128 Software

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