Version 1.5b has just been posted.  I am still working on the multi language 
feature, the multiplayer features, and the ability to change the priorities of 
your workers, but I did get enough stuff done that I felt a new update was in 

When you go to play a mission, you will notice a new field in the menu list.  
Default map means that you will play the mission using the map designed to go 
along with this mission.  Pressing enter on this selection will change it to 
Random map.  Random maps will provide an extra challenge, because they were not 
specifically designed to control how quickly things happened.  For example, if 
there is randomly more open space leading off of the map, then Goblins will 
have more places to invade in from.

To keep things as stable as possible, picking the random map option actually 
randomizes in a somewhat unusual way.  The size of the map will remain the 
same, and water landmarks will not be changed.  All of the trees and rocks are 
randomly moved around but you still end up with the same number of each.  Also, 
the number of trees and rocks that normally fell along the outer edges of the 
map will still be the same, as an effort to give the Goblins approximately the 
same number of ways into your land.

When you use delete to destroy a building you have already built, you will 
receive half of the construction materials back as salvaged supplies.  If the 
number of supplies can't be evenly divided in half, it is rounded up to the 
next whole number.  So destroying a house, which originally cost you 3 lumber 
and 3 bricks, would give you 2 lumber and 2 bricks back.

To balance things differently, Butchers are only able to create a fur 33 
percent of the time they work on an animal carcass.  Many users reported a huge 
stockpile of furs building up as they played, and I felt the need to change 
things around a little.  Upgraded butchers are 66 percent successful at 
salvaging furs.

Monks no longer use cloth to create tomes!  Peasants will carry furs to your 
new Tannery, where a leatherworker will transform 1 fur into 1 piece of 
leather.  3 pieces of leather are now required to create a tome.  The leather 
working chain will be expanded upon in mission 3, when that is eventually 
added.  Monks now take 25 percent less time to create a tome, and unlike any 
other job, they will tell you how close they are to competition when you check 
on their progress.  Monks now double as leatherworkers.

Leatherworkers will double as butchers, when they have free time.

Hopefully combining the suggestions of so many people, the message mute list 
has finally been finished.  Press shift and ` (grauve key) to bring it up, 
arrow through it, and press enter to toggle the settings.  These settings are 
remembered from game to game, so don't forget that you've muted something.  
Rather than being job specific, many of the messages are now more generalized 
ideas such as the delivery of raw materials.  As always, I'm open to 
suggestions for adjusting this system, so please give it a try and see if you 
like it.

The Readme.txt, Buildingguide.txt, and jobs guide.rft files have all been 
updated.  the Jobs guide now includes information about how upgrading different 
jobs changes them.

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