Greetings Jeremy et al.

Really loving Castaways. Strategy games like this can entertain me for hours
on end, and you've done a great job on this one.
Below are a few observations and suggestions I have on the game as of 1.4B
(I'll be updating to 1.5B soon):

* Destroying a building leaves you in the menu entry for that item, perhaps
it should drop you back to the map, the way constructing one does?

* Could the key assignments be changed a bit? Shift + letter to move to a
column as normal, alt+letter to perform a special function, CTRL + letter to
jump between career choices.

* If this command scheme is implemented, perhaps the input algorithm could
be updated? It currently passes a modified command through all available
functions for that letter. Pressing Shift + E, for instance, moves me to
that column, but also navigates through my list of occupations. Similarly,
Shift + U performs an upgrade on a target, but also takes me to that Column.

*Tomes should only work on the base career, not any substitutions. I've gone
to upgrade a builder who was currently working as a peasant, only to have it
become a surf, not an architect.

* Assuming the above suggestion is implemented: If an upgrade target is
currently occupied with another job, the upgrade should queue itself, rather
than instantly changing the target.

* In the line which states that a mother cannot be assigned a job, it says:
"is be without its mother". The "is" should be a "to".

* Could pressing f1 within the buildings list give the description for that
kind of building? The only way to see that description currently is to queue
the building for construction, then enter its menu and arrow down to the
description (or, of course, to look in the included RTF).

* I think there's a small typo with the second occurrence of "upgraded" in
the help message displayed when hitting "u".

* In that same message, it says: "But the ones that can, permanently locked
in place." Should be something like: "but the ones that can are permanently
locked in place."

* When changing to an output mode (JAWS, Window-Eyes, Etc), alt-tabbing away
than back to the game window sometimes displays erroneous data at the top
(It says Window-Eyes support for me, though I'm clearly using JAWS mode). It
strangely doesn't do it if I first hit an arrow key to move to another map
sector, then do the window switching.

* Small suggestion: Can we hit f2 or "n" when highlighting a person to
rename him/her? Probably shouldn't work on settlers gotten through
multiplayer mode, though.

Awesome work, as always.


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