Hi Jeremy,

A blocking process call would look as follows in BGT:

run("hsa.exe", "398-093-129,45,Goblin", true, true);

The run function has the following signature:

bool run(string filename, string command_line, bool wait_for_completion, bool background)

In other words we are running the process in the background (e.g. with no visible window even if the application does have one), and we are waiting for it to complete before our script thread continues executing. Currently it is not possible to pick up the process return code from within BGT but if you end up adding bindings for BGT and they are used, I will certainly implement this feature.

Kind regards,

Philip Bennefall
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Thanks Philip, I really do like your idea of returning a value to indicate those situations! Very nice idea indeed. I haven't really used BGT, do you happen to know how the language would execute the external program? I'd like to put an example for BGT, since I'm sure many of my target developers will be using it.

Hi Jeremy,

While I already have my own score server that I built
especially for use in BGT, I just wanted to say that I think
this is an absolutely fabulous idea. You have a very simple
approach that will work regardless of programming language,
as long as the environment at hand can call external
processes. Two things you may want to consider:

1. Returning a value from the main function that can be
picked up by the caller, in order to determine the result of
the operation. 0 could mean that the user's score was
accepted but not high enough to make the top x (whatever you
decide upon), another positive value could indicate the
user's ranking and a negative value could be an error code.
Not everyone may be able to or interested in picking up this
value, but I personally think it'd be a great feature to

2. If you are writing this in Vb 6, you should make it
clear that developers need to package the vb 6 runtime
libraries in their installer in order for the score posting
to work. I can imagine that some might overlook this
otherwise, and then wonder why the score posting isn't
functioning )=.

Again, an excellent initiative and I hope it's picked up by
other developers.

Kind regards,

Philip Bennefall

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