Steady, I'm glad to hear you enjoy the game!  :D

The question about guard towers has come up a lot, so I'll try to explain it as 
best as I can.  Please let me know if this helps clear up how they are used.

When you have soldiers, they will pick a building to serve as their home base.  
This will usually be the barracks, and this is the place they will return to 
and rest at after a day of battling goblins.  The problem is that your barracks 
might be very far from the goblins, lets pretend it is 15 tiles away.  Every 
time they want to attack, your soldiers must march 15 tiles to the battle, kill 
goblins, and then march 15 tiles back home to rest.  Tons of time is being 
wasted walking, when they could have rested and killed more goblins had the 
barracks been close to the battle.

One way to solve this would be to build another barracks near the fighting so 
your soldiers don't have to travel so far to rest between battles.  This would 
work but Barracks are expensive, so it is much cheaper to build guard towers.  
Guard towers also let soldiers rest just like your barracks, so you can put 
these near the battle and they are much cheaper to build.  If the guard tower 
is 2 tiles away, your soldiers can attack the goblins, go back to rest, attack 
them more, and more, and it has only taken as long as it used to take them to 
attack once and then walk 15 tiles back to the barracks.  By traveling shorter 
distances, your people can attack more.

Some people wonder what happens if they scatter guard towers around the map.  
The good news is that it can't hurt, it can only help.  The soldiers will 
always try to protect your town if they can, which means they would rather 
attack goblins who are close to one of your buildings.  After attacking the 
closest goblins, they will head to the closest place they can rest.  If you 
have guard towers dotted around the map, they will almost certainly see one 
that is closer than walking all of the way back to your barracks.  And if your 
barracks happens to be closer, they will rest their instead.

> Hi Jeremy, castaway is way cool!!
> Thanks for the game. I just started playing yesterday and it
> took me one whole sleepless night to complete level 1 on
> easy. haha!
> Although i built a guard tower, I don't quite understand
> how does it help in the defence. If I do not have it, where
> will my nights be when not attacking goblins?
> 锦发/Steady Goh

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