Hi philip,

Ah, I stand corrected. Well, I will confess the majority of my knowhow
about BGT came from one of the earlier manuals released when BGT was
in beta testing, and I have as yet not gotten around to reading the
1.0 documentation. It might be a good idea if I take the time one of
these days to find out what's new, what's changed, and get a full
rundown of the engine's features. :D

However, I guess the point I did want to get across to Michael is that
BGT currently uses Angelscript for scripting games where  the
direction of my own engine, Genesis 3D, is more or less an object
oriented library that can be plugged into a standard C++, C#, Python,
or VB .Net project and be used by the programming language of choice.
Its not really so great for a newby, but someone like you or myself
who knows a programming language already it seems sensable to do it
this way. Plus there is another added bonus of doing it this way.

With languages like C# .Net or VB .Net Microsoft only officially
supports the XNA Framework, but it is a pain to work with because
sounds have to be packed and configured using XAct which is totally
not screen reader accessible. There is SlimDX, but that's a rather
large download to install compared to my dll. So the advantage of
using G3D over something like XNA or SlimDX is the library is small,
offers most of the features we need, and should work with any Managed
.Net language. Its for that reason I've thought about using G3D as a
bridge between a modern programming language like C#, which is very
easy to learn and use, and the low level DirectX and Sapi components.
With a combo like that it honestly doesn't need a scripting language.


On 8/11/11, Philip Bennefall <phi...@blastbay.com> wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> Just a small correction here for good measure. Smile. BGT can, if the end
> user so wishes, be fully object oriented. While it does have a lot of
> functions that are done in a procedural style such as alert, input_box and
> the like for very low level/trivial tasks, the majority of the
> advanced/important functionality in the engine such as timers, sounds,
> files, Sapi voices etc are done through classes. AngelScript allows full use
> of classes with inheritance, templates, overloaded methods and multiple
> inheritance through something that AngelScript refers to as interface
> objects.
> In short, BGT is like C++ in the sense that it can be both procedural and
> object oriented depending entirely on what the end user wishes to do with
> it.
> Kind regards,
> Philip Bennefall

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