Last night I decided, sinse I've not been able to try any new versions of 
castaways as I can't download stuff currently to try Lunimals again. 

Previously, i'd always got stuck on mission 5 with breeding the turtles, sinse 
I just found all my fish died. 

this time, i managed it! hurrah! and now I've finished missions 6, and 7 as 

5 is stil imho the hardest, because it seems sonme species are just unreliable. 

Fish just don't survive well, even with no predators. in fact the only water 
predators I've got working are piranas (which feed on land basxed creatures) 
and Kaman, which each other things but fish. 

In fact the only way I could get the 25 turtles was by breeding mice and 
snakes, and selling off enough to buy more fish everytime the stupid things 

Also, for some odd reason i can't get many prey species together either. Mice 
just out breed anything even birds and squirrels. 

in fact the best way i've found to make money is simply breed mice, snakes, 
kaman and fish and sell off more than 4 of each  predator along with the 
occasional lot of mouse. 

this did very well for paying off lones, but I'd be interested to know if it's 
possible to get any of the other species working properly. 

i've tried all of them, but cats get out performed by mice, and I can't get any 
other prey going. 

Beware the grue! 

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