Hmmm dave, there has been neither collusion nor is intended (certainly on my part), any hostility.

I merely wished myself to make the point that you cannot instantly equate jaws with total access for every visually impared person, and because of that other screen readers or sapi might be incorporated into the program, which I'm sure is extremely good.

when I was testing the access features introduced in Neilsbauer's space stratogy game smugglers 4, for various complex reasons the initial release only worked with hal and not jaws.

Had I said "well it works with Hal, so doesn't need anything else" I'm pretty sure people would've told me exactly the same thing.

It's not a question of collusion or any sort of cryticism against jaws generally, merely an observation of the fact that not everyone uses jaws, so assuming jaws = universal access is not necessarily a wise thing.

Imagine for instance that I wrote an accessible game of Risk which I only produced on Mack. If I claimed "this is universally accessible to everyone!" I'd obviously be wrong, sinse not every blind person owns a mac, and obviously the first question people would ask is "where is the pc version"

there is really litle need for such emotion about this question.

Beware the grue!


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