Hi Dark and all,

I'm doing fine. I'm a little sad, but not too upset over my grandma's
death. I knew it was coming, she'd been in the hospital for several
days, and the doctor told us, the family that is, that she wouldn't
make it so we had plenty of time to prepare. Plus I'm enough of a
realist to see when this was necessary, her time to go, whatever you
call it. Bottom line, the way her body was breaking down, organs
failing, I felt that it was better for her to die than to try and live
on life support. Somehow using life support would have been worse than
death.Especially, at her age when she really doesn't have anything to
look forward too. More uimportantly, she wanted to go, and its better
to wish someone a happy fairwell than to morn their loss in my
opinion. She believed she was going to a better place, and wouldn't
have wanted anyone to morn her passing.


On 8/15/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Tom.
> I hope your okay, and I'm sorry to here this.
> My gran actually died at the age of 83 several years ago when i was at
> university. Again, it wasn't unexpected, but it was sad to miss her.
> She was one of the most compitant blind people you could imagine having gone
> blind at the age of 30, had had six guide dogs, traveled round the country
> and lived completely alone for a significantly long time at a point when in
> britain most blind people were entirely institutionalized.
> Actually I always think of her when I play games like cribbage which she
> taught me at the age of 7 (she was quite a cards player, though could never
> get on with synth voices so never used any access tech).
> I hope everyone in your family is alright about your grandma's death and all
> the stupid litle burocratic bits with wills and funerals and such can be
> taken care of smoothly.
> All the best,
> dark.

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