I'm having a big problem with some of my computers and I'm sort of getting weery of trying to put up with it, wondered if anyone else knows anything about this. I never hear anyone else complaining. It's weird. I can't stand it, I don't see how anyone else who had this problem couldn't notice it.

Basically, my sounds don't pan properly. More accurately, my stereo field isn't quite right. I tried to play shades of doom today, and I just can't seem to do it, because when a monster gets close to me, it is totally impossible to tell where they are. They are always dead center, I don't know which way to turn. When they're off in the distance, I can figure out where they are then, but the stereo field still isn't as good as what I'm used to.

Take Any of Jim Kitchen's games, like mach 1 tts. I totally can't play that, because the crouds on each side are right on top of me. Once I get to a turn, it's like immediately one of the crouds is right dead center in my stereo field, and It's loud enough I can't hear which way to go to get closer to the croud on the other side and off the wall. So basically I totally can not play that game. Topspeed, I haven't got any stereo perception of other cars when they are close to me, I can hear them a bit, but they are always dead center. If they go away from me a bit then I can sort of hear if they go around a corner, but on top of me it's perfectly dead center all the time even if they are all the way on the left wal and I am all the way on the right wall.

Is there a way to fix this? I have a bunch of computers that do it, and a couple that don't. My mac for one doesn't seem to do it with the xp virtual machine. I thought my desktop didn't do it until I tried to play mach1tts with it and experienced the same thing. It plays topspeed better than this hp laptop does though.

This computer here is an HP dm4 with a core I 5 430 processor. It has i d t audio unfortunately. I don't know why anybody would want to sell their laptops with that in it, it sucks in my oppinion.

I have a Tosheba with the same processor but which has a realtech sound card and it does the same thing as the hp. The hp and tosheba both run windows xp.

My netbook does it too and it uses a realtech with xp. My mac doesn't, and it runs xp. It uses, um. I can't remember what it's called now, Sirrus or something like that.

I think I have my direct x all updated, somehow I think that is my problem. I think something was changed in direct x somewhere along the road that messed everything up. I'm pretty sure my desktop does great with it's audigy2zs, but it still doesn't play mach1 tts worth a hoot. Oh, but wincar6 plays ok, even on my hp, except when I get really close to a wall, it's dead center in my speakers, when I get farther away, it still sounds like it's closer to me than it really is. Like if I stay dead center where you can't hear the walls at all I can do it, but if I let it drift over any, the side of my headphones opposit the wall still sounds just about as loud as the side near the wall, even if I'm just barely in range to hear that wall.

I'm stumped, about ready to do something drastic. I think btw if I set the GMA games to use software rendering for sounds it works better, so I should at least be able to play sod and gtc and lw properly. I actually forgot about that until I wrote this message. What about Jim Kitchen's games though? I really want to play mach1tts, but I just can't. It's so frustrating.

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