I've just uploaded version 1.8b that has several fixes people have been asking 
for.  To make mission 3 a little easier, I've started you out with 4 metal and 
2 tomes.  This will allow people to build a barracks sooner, if they so desire. 
 The tomes will help diversify the strategies since people will likely spend 
them on different kinds of units.

The messages that mixed up cavalry and pikemen should be fixed.  The soldiers 
still automatically train since I haven't figured out how I want to handle 
doing it manually yet, but they should be smarter about making that choice.  
When battling enemy soldiers in mission 3, your troops will now make smarter 
choices about which to fight.  If there are a few enemy types close by, your 
people will tend to attack the ones they stand a better chance at fighting, and 
avoiding those they are weakest against.  Lumberjacks are now fixed for when 
the resources run out on the map.  Instead of vanishing forever, they will 
bring back logs from outside of the map just like other job types do.  Starting 
a new game should correctly reset the time counter so that enemies in mission 3 
don't attack you sooner than they should.  Monks should be fixed so that they 
do their primary job before working secondary jobs.  Upgraded people can no 
longer get pregnant, so this should
 solve the situations where upgrades were lost after having a child.  A few 
people running jaws 8 were having trouble getting the game to load, and I think 
I have that fixed now.  I've added in some sounds that play as you arrow across 
the map.  The sounds are a quicker way to identify rocks, trees, and even 
enemies.  I don't have any sounds for buildings yet.

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