Crash, time to report in.

Brought to by ablindsite and shadowbeam.

Game with other blind fantasy manager in this year's
2011 FALL. 

Also coming from Crash the longest running accessible NFL pool.

Hi, friends, Crash here, who brings you Jaws scripts for Sport Sim games.
For those looking to putting a team togheter with other blind managers, their 
friends and family members.
Free to join just send me at
Subject "I want to take part in the league

Or Just do a reply to this email. 
FALL (Football Accessible Liberty League" presented on
FanStar, where the blind will soon have their draft.
A Live accessible draft.

If you join in time, you can take part in the draft.
There will be available team in the draft and will make picks on the draft 
order of the last manager..
New teams created will have the team default draft order.
These team will be removed if not confirmed by any new managers.

As a member in the league, instructions on many subjects will help lyou get 
So, if your a fantasy manager or looking to find what its all about.

IN the FALL, I only expect the manager to keep their team competitve.
And during this time you and your team may go on the Bubble.
While getting email from me about your team.
During this time teams may be in the bubble.
The bubble team is a team that will need to have a another team to joins or 
have to settle for the "Available Team".
So, check any emails from me, I may ask replly or do something with your team 
info to confirm your team.

Good Luck.
Gary Commissioner of FALL
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