I agree that the current, broken up method doesn't feel right.  The first 
mission was a single message but I had to start breaking it up once I got to 
missions 2 and 3.  I'm sure you're wondering why I feel that I HAVE to break it 
up, and the answer is sighted support.  Before mission 2 was released I was 
converting the game over so that sighted players could also play the game 
visually.  When the messages are displayed visually they use up a certain 
amount of room on the screen, so there is a limited amount of text I can safely 
display at any 1 moment.  I say safely because it depends upon the individual's 
screen resolution so I must prepare for what I believe the lowest setting is 
likely to be used by someone.  If, or when, I start spending more time on the 
visual side of Castaways I can change how the text is displayed to correct this 
limitation, but currently if I lengthen the messages than sighted players will 
only see the first half of it.  The
 idea of messages being restricted by space might seem a little strange to 
screen reader users, but compare it to reading a Braille book.  You can only 
fit so many characters onto a single sheet of paper at a time.  By breaking up 
the intro message I am able to spread it out over multiple pages as needed.

It's possible that this topic needs to be my reminder to go back and work more 
on the visual side of the game.  This limitation can be overcome so that an 
entire page of text can be displayed at once, just not with the current way it 
is coded.

Oh, just in case it helps, you don't have to unpause the game to hear the rest 
of the intro message.  Press the tilde/guave key (~ next to 1) to hear 
backlogged messages.  It works for the intro just like it works for the normal 
game messages that back log.

> Hi.
> I just started playing castaways 2.0, and a thought struck
> me about the mission intros.
> firstly, an option to disable showing of the mission intro
> would be good, as for those who have heard it several times
> it can be a bit tedius reading it again and again.
> also, something else I have noticed,
> particularly in mission 3, when you first start the game,
> you are read half of the intro, and in order to read the
> rest you have to unpause the game, when the rest is
> displayed.
> surely it would make more sense to display all the mission
> intro information in one go, so that as soon as you unpause
> the game, you are not bombarded with the rest of it as that
> wastes time.

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