Those changes to the V key will be easy to add, so I'll have that in the next 
update.  While the walls do not mimic the guard tower as far as allowing troops 
to rest, they are technically your buildings so the guards will defend the area 
near them.  The AI for your troops must decide which enemies to attack each 
time they are fully rested.  Part of their decision is based on what class of 
soldier their enemy is, so they are more likely to attack ones they are best at 
fighting, but the other consideration is how close the enemy is to your 
buildings.  You'd much rather have your troops attacking the enemies that are 
close to your settlement rather than running off to attack ones that are super 
far away.  So by spreading walls around, you are giving your soldiers a larger 
sense of what constitutes your settlement, and so they will put more importance 
on defending land they didn't care as much about previously.
> Tweak: I'd like to see the v key
> return ailing and pregnant, taking these
> totals away from adults.  This makes it easier to
> maintain a constant
> proportion of peasants, soldiers, etc.
> Question: do walls function like guard towers?  I put
> a few strategic walls
> into my map recently and it seems as though my military are
> reacting much
> faster to more wide-spread attacks.

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