I have put a new file up on my site

File name wintriv2.exe  file size 688k bytes

A trivia game engine including 50 various trivia files
You can also make your own trivia files for the game engine
Version 2 now puts text on the screen and creates a log file.
The trivia files are;
Amusement Rides, arthurian legends, astronaut, AudysseyBabbleTrivia, 
auto-racing, basketball, BEATLES, beavis and butt head, BIBLE, birds, Canes and 
Cane Travel, chess, CHRISTIE, Classic Commercials, COKE, COMPUTER, famous 
quotes, flintstones, funfacts, GAMES, general-knowledge, general-trivia-1, 
general-trivia-2, general-trivia-3, general-trivia-4, geo-world, good-news, 
Harry Potter 2, harry-potter, languages, lord of the rings, macbeth, MUSIC, 
MUSIC~2, OLDIES, pink floyd, popmusic, presidents, SPORTS, Star trek movies, 
star-trek-1, star-wars, StarTrekDS9, StarTrekTNG, StarTrekVoyager, States and 
Capitals, Terminator Series, true-or-false, World Capitals, world-series.

The wintriv2.exe file can be found on my free windows sapi5 text to speech 
games page.

Have fun


Kitchen's Inc, for games that are up to 110 percent funner to play.

(440) 286-6920
Chardon Ohio USA
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