The version 2.3 update has finally been posted, and it has quite a few new 
features that will keep people entertained.  For starters, I must again 
apologize for not having the new multiplayer mode ready, but each day I get a 
little closer.

I fixed a few more small bugs, as well as another piece of the tome bug that I 
had apparently missed the first time.  A few errors were fixed that caused the 
game to crash for people using unregistered files.  The debuglog.txt file is a 
little better now, so it should log more useful information in the event of a 
game crash.

Monks had a bug that caused them to sometimes ignore their tome writing duties 
in exchange for leather working.  This is fixed now.

If you move over a closed building on the map, it will now say the word closed 
after the building name.

I've added a clearer mission objective to mission 2's introduction.  Some 
people were getting confused about what exactly was required of them in that 
mission.  Hopefully it is easier to understand now.

The upgraded fisherman job Bait master has been changed to Angler, to make it 
sound a little more accurate.

With all of the new sounds, some people will want to lower their volume so that 
they can hear their screen reader better.  Hold shift and press brackets [ and 
] to raise or lower the sound effects volume within the game.

I've added a new feature to the main menu, which allows people to select a 
custom sound pack.  Rather than actually replacing the sound files, people 
making their own sound packs can simply create a new folder within the castaway 
directory.  Populate that folder with your own sounds that match the names 
found within the original sounds folder.  As a sample I have included a folder 
called oldpause which is a tiny soundpack that just changes the pause and 
resume sounds back to how they were in past versions.  You'll notice that I 
didn't have to use any other sounds except pause and resume, since the game 
will automatically look back to the default sounds folder for any missing 
sounds from the custom sound pack.  To try out the small soundpack, set it on 
the main menu by typing oldpause where it prompts you for the sound pack name.

Another feature on the main menu is a toggle called pauses.  By default it is 
set to short, but if you change it to long, the supply messages Z X C and V 
will use periods instead of commas.  Some people like the messages how they 
have always been, but a few people have had trouble since the comma pausing 
isn't long enough for their screen reader.  Hopefully this helps everyone have 
what they feel is easiest to understand.

Farmers can now be upgraded using tomes.  Upgrading farmers is a lot like 
upgrading soldiers into the different troop types.  A menu allows you to turn 
your farmer into a Gardener, a Wheat farmer, a Winemaker, or a Shepherd.  The 
upgraded farmers get a boost to their working speed, and will also focus their 
efforts on only their particular skill.  Gardeners work in Vegetable farms, 
Wheat farmers grow wheat, Winemakers work in vineyards, and Shepherds work in 
animal farms.  For a while now people have wanted to divide up their farmers 
into specific duties, and now you can.

Mission 4 has been added!  Prepare yourself for a vicious new enemy that will 
force you to call upon skills from your past.  In addition to a tricky new 
enemy, plague becomes your first viral foe.  The longer it takes you to 
complete the mission, the higher the risk that your people will catch the 
disease.  If the illness wasn't already bad enough, each person who is sick 
with the plague raises the odds that more of your people will catch it.  You 
had better keep on top of the situation, or you could quickly find yourself 
overwhelmed with dying citizens.

A new type of building has been introduced for mission 4.  The Tudor house is a 
larger home able to support 7 people instead of the usual 4.  The buildings are 
more expensive than using normal sized houses, but if space is important to 
you, the Tudor house may be your new best friend.

I wish everyone luck on the new additions.  Have fun, and I will continue 
working whenever I have time.

Download link for castaways can be found here:

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