I've FINALLY! gotten around to posting the next Castaways version.  The biggest 
change with the new version is the handful of bug fixes.  I've also finally 
updated the language file so that translators can change the game's text to fit 
with their own language.  

Even though I strongly recommend against it, rofl, the game's population limit 
has been increased from 500 to 1000.  This has been requested many times so I 
will give the people what they want, even though the game will undoubtedly run 
very slow with such a huge population.

Goblins and Zombies can no longer attack the ship in the water.  I've fixed the 
bug so now enemy troops will not spawn at the edge of the map if a wall is 
already present there.  I think I've solved the recently reported bug where 
resources were vanishing from certain buildings.

The game now pauses when you reach messages about soldiers dedicating their 
lives as the more advanced troops.

I've added in a sandbox mission which is especially designed for new players to 
familiarize themselves with the game before facing any enemies.  There is no 
way to actually "win" while playing the sandbox mission, it is only for 

The new language file can be found here.  
For those who aren't aware of how the language file works, here is a quick 
summary.  Every piece of text in the game has been written twice in the file, 
starting from the longest message down to the shortest.  Leave the top line 
exactly how it already is, and use it for reference as you translate the next 
line.  The second copy of the line needs to be replaced with the equivalent for 
the language you are working on.  When you are finished, rename the file 
language.txt and put it into your castaways directory.  If you've created the 
file correctly, the game's dialog will be displayed as the new language.  The 
language file can then be posted for others to easily download and experience 
the game in another language.

I haven't put the suggested ALT job keys into the game yet, but I intend to do 
that soon.  I also haven't added the option to remove all pauses from the 
resource messages, the end of mission status sheet, or the new multiplayer 

The link to the game is here:

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