Hey guys, I've had this conversation with a couple of people so I thought I 
should post it for everyone.  The language files for Castaways and Lunimals are 
actually meant so that the games can be translated in to other languages, but 
that is not their only use.  If people get creative, these language files can 
allow you to totally mod the "look" and "feel" of the game.

Lets say that one of you is up for a challenge, and you happen to be a big fan 
of science fiction and a space theme.  You could change the text in the 
Castaways language file to completely change its theme to one of space 
exploration.  Of course you could produce a sound mod to go with the new theme, 
but changing the text does so much more.  For example, each place that talks 
about hunters could be scavengers or mining robots.  The messages about meat, 
vegetables, metal, leather, and the rest could be meteorite ore, rocket fuel, 
oxygen, blue prints, computer equipment, and everything else fitting the theme. 
 As long as you changed all of the building names to match, people find 
themselves sending Frank (pilot's name) to mine a nearby meteor for ore which 
is then shuttled to a refinery to be processed into neutronium panels.  In the 
normal game that was Frank the lumberjack cutting down trees that were turned 
into boards at the saw mill.  The
 possibilities are endless, and there is no reason that the game couldn't' seem 
like an entirely new game by the end!

Of course the true map layouts and mission objectives couldn't be changed, only 
reworded, but I still think it would be really cool.  Instead of building your 
ship you could be building a space station, Yetti assassins could be rebel 
terrorists, and in mission 3 you might be placing mine fields between clusters 
of meteors and giant gas clouds, to keep space pirates at bay.  If you hadn't 
already figured it out, that would be building walls around the trees, rocks, 
and water so that enemy cavalry can't get through lol.

Lunimals could cease to be about raising animals in a dome.  Maybe with your 
mod you are actually growing rare plants in a greenhouse, growing illicit 
substances in your basement, or a mad scientist unleashing nightmarish monsters 
onto the modern world.  If you have the freedom to rename even the land 
resources like moss and mushrooms, there is no reason it couldn't be describing 
sections of a city, how many people live there, and how many cars there are.  
Cars?!  Well I don't know what else you'd want to track, hahaha, but that is 
just an example.  smile

It would certainly take some creativity, but I would be absolutely thrilled to 
see what people came up with!  My question is, how many people would actually 
be interested in making mods like these?  If several people were anxious to 
give it a try, I think it would be cool to have some kind of contest!  Please 
post your thoughts.

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