Version 2.5 has just been posted, and I believe everyone will be happy with the 
additions. The list is long so I'll try to remember it all.

- The toggle that lets you adjust the game's pauses from long to short, now 
also includes an option to remove them completely.
- If you get tired of using E and R to search through the different job types, 
you'll be happy to know that shortcuts have been added. Hold Alt, and press the 
starting letter for a job to have it selected. For example, Alt + F would 
select your farmers, then Alt + F again would list fishermen.
- When you pause the game, if there are currently any backlogged messages it 
will speak the number. So if you pause and hear the word 3 announced, you will 
know to press the guave (~) key to hear those messages before unpausing.
- Kai provided an updated set of game sounds. A few have changed due to 
people's requests, but there are also many new sounds that play at different 
times. If you are using a custom Sound pack, don't worry because it will still 
work exactly the same as it did before.
- I fixed a rare cook and bartender bug that could cause them to freeze and 
stop serving food or drinks.
- I've recoded many sections of code in order to improve performance and speed 
up the game on slower machines. I hope everyone notices a difference!
- Destroying or selling a building will now close the building menu. It used to 
require you to press escape before you were back in the game.
- Fixed a bug that wouldn't allow any random disasters to happen in Easy mode. 
Normally none happen, but when using the Murphy's law fault, it is possible for 
them to happen now, although they will be super rare.
- There is now a new rare random disaster that can destroy one of your walls!
- When using < and > to review internet chat messages, emote messages would 
show *M3* at the end. This is fixed now.
- Fixed a bug that could affect enemy raid groups.
- When a baker bakes bread, it now tells you the specific number of loaves he 
- Fixed a few spelling errors that were pointed out.
- Victory messages are now handled differently to prevent you from accidentally 
clearing with a key press.
- And finally, the big news! Castaways' final mission has been added. Mission 5!

Mission 5 adds 2 new buildings, adds a new feature to 2 existing buildings, a 
new job type, a new unit type, and 2 new resources. If you manage to beat this 
final mission, you will be rewarded with a very long story. I have no doubt 
that the story will get people excited, especially if you figure out the 
connections it makes.

I wish everyone luck on a truly challenging end to the Castaways game. Please 
enjoy it, and I will turn my attention back to new multiplayer content for the 

The link to Castaways can be found here:

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