Hi Dark,

First, my congratulations on beating Quckman without the time stopper.
I know from firsthand experience that level is a real serious
challenge. I never beat it without the time stopper myself when I had
sight so congratulations on your success.

Second, as for the difficulty issue we've been over that several times
on list. Obviously, I'm making progress in those areas myself with
Mysteries of the Ancients, and do hope to include more of these sorts
of things in future games. Probably even in future updates of the
games like Mysteries of the Ancients as I have time to create a better

I agree with you that just merely setting difficulty settings from
easy to advanced isn't enough. I know in the Genesis 3D engine as it
stands now all doing that does is give the enemies better stats like
faster speed, more hitpoints,perhaps greater attack damage. That's
certainly more challenging, but there is no alternative ways to play
the game or optional weapons that necessarily change the outcome of
any specific level.

Although, like Tomb Raider MOTA does have a wide range of weaponry
that does change the feel of the game depending on what weapon or
weapons you choose to use. An Uzi is certainly  more damaging than a
sword in the long run because you not only have range but a single
burst of fire hits the enemy with five bullets at once. You can rack
up a lot of hitpoints rather quickly from a distance making it a
rather effective weapon. Still, the sword is still the most powerful
weapon because it does a lot of damage as well, but you have to move
in closer and risk taking damage yourself while racking up those
hitpoints. So there is some strategic value there I suppose.


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