Hi Tom.

Well I was rather pleased to get through the force beams, even though you don't get anything for it, but that's really something I enjoy about the Mega man games, the fact that there is! so much to do in the games even though they are fairly streight forward action platformers.

I think part of the problem, is really lack of judgement. When your dealing with a basic boppit style here and react setup, there's not really that much you can add, sinse basically the only ways to make boppit harder are too speed it up and give you less chances to fail.

Melee vs ranged weapons with different damage potential is one way to go, but even then, it'd probably only work if each enemy also had an attack range and it was possible for you to dodge their attacks, thus giving more advantage to taking them on at a distance out of their range.

This is afterall why so many games like Castlevania or even Micky's castle of ilusion on the Mega drive had a close range attack as your main weapon, but then had a long range attack that was limited in amo.

Mega man took this even further, by giving you a small gun that only flies streight and hits a comparatively narrow area, as compared to other weapons with more or less damage potential and different archs of fire.

In fact on the subject of alternate weapons, this is weerdly enough something I've not seen much of in audio, sinse most alternate weapons have just tended to focus on the damage or wrate of fire rather than where the weapon actually flies, ---- even though Gma tank commander proved pretty conclusively that audio weapons with different coverage of area are quite doable.

All the more reason to look forward to whatever the next thing with Genesis 3D is.

Beware the grue!


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