Well guys, as you know I've been busy for a while, but it's about time I gave 
the community a new game to play!

Dark Ruse is an RPG set in a high-tech laboratory that has been running some 
unnatural experiments.  You lead a 3 person team down to retrieve a voice 
recorder from the center of the facility, and the ability to fully customize 
your team adds a lot to play around with.

There are 8 unique job classes, including things like Fighter, Puzzle solver, 
and Navigator.  Out of your 3 person team, only some people can be certain 
jobs, so you will have to plan very carefully if you want their skills to 
compliment each other.

You have 5 choices about which supplies your team will start out with, and each 
has its own major disadvantage.  For example, if the lights are out and your 
team loses its only flashlight, they will be at the mercy of whatever wanders 

You can choose among 5 personal skills, which could make the difference between 
life and death.  For example, if you have given your main character extra 
driving skills, your team will be far more likely to survive if you crash a 

There are 8 floors to the lab, and even reaching the final room only marks the 
half-way point in your adventure.  Don't forget you still have to make it back 
out!  Muhahahaha!

Please give the game a try, and be sure to go through the game's back-story 
before setting up your characters.  There is a chance that the story will hold 
clues about what kinds of dangers you are more likely to face, so you can 
prepare your team more effectively.  Good luck to you all.


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