Here are the events scheduled for Friday, October 21st:

Books R Us

8:00 PM eastern

Hosted by Linda 

Location:  Library

Join us tonight as we discuss our two book selections, "The Bully" and "Thunder 
Dog".  We will also be choosing other selections for our next monthly meeting, 
which will be held on November 18th.

Family Feud
9:15 PM eastern
Hosted by Kate
Location:  Game Zone
Tonight, Kate will host Family Feud. Kate will ask questions from a survey of 
100 people and you try to come up with the 5 most popular answers.
It is loads of fun, so come on in and join us! 

10:15 PM eastern
Hosted by Patti W.
Location: Game Zone
Roll the dice and take your chances! Try to snag as many points as
possible but you better know when to quit otherwise, you'll lose it all
and Zilch out! Drop by for some fun and excitement because you never know
who will win until the final dice roll! No software to download and it
only takes a few minutes to get the hang of the game. Polished Zilch
players and new folk are most welcome!

Have a great day, and thank goodness it's Friday! 

Be positive!  When it comes to being defeated, if you think you're finished, 
you! are! finished!
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