So... soul calibur 5 is set for release on January 3ast, 2012. I can't wait... 
it's about time! Gameplay wise, it'll be at a faster pace than SCIV, and now 
has super moves, enhanced attacks, and a couple of new defense-related systems. 
The collector's edition comes with a book style case, a soundtrack disc, a 
making of dvd, and some character customization equipment exclusives.
Street Fighter x Tekken is coming out on March 6th, 2012. For everyone who 
doesn't like the link combos of SF and prefers the chains from MK and MVC, 
those will now be in the game as far as is known. It's a tag based game of 
course, but there's one crucial difference. In most tag games, both your 
characters have to be knocked out to win the match. In SF x Tekken as in Tekken 
tag and tekken tag 2, only one member of the team has to be knocked out to end 
the round. This means that you have to manage both characters on your team to 
avoid losing too much health. SF x tekken also features a gem system. This gem 
system works kinda like Magic: the gathering for those who know what it 
is.Basically, you can equip gems to change certain stats and give your 
character abilities. These include things like power boosts, speed boosts, 
autoblocking at the cost of super meter, and others. The trick is, these gems 
have to be activated in certain ways... some need you to hit your opponent with 
five attacks in a row, hit your opponent with two special moves or throw your 
opponent. Even conditions like actually taking damage can be included, which 
serves to balance the game. There are a gem that requires you to be hit with 
three special moves or something similar. This is all there to make sure the 
game isn't broken or unbalanced, so that characters can't have a completely 
unfair advantage. The gems also have activation time periods, so once they're 
activated, they only last for a short time, like 5-8 seconds. So it is possible 
to say equip two power boost gems, but having them activated at once will 
probably be difficult if not outright impossible. This adds a whole ton of 
strategy to the game, but a lot of tournament-level players are questioning 
it... as am I. It looks good on paper, but we'll have to wait and see how it 
actually works...
Last but not least is Pandora mode. Pandora mode is basically a comeback 
mechanic. If you activate this, your active character will be killed, and you 
will transition to your second character. The character now active gets 
infinite super meter, as well as a speed boost. Trick is... you only have a 
limitted time to kill your opponent, as your character's health bar drains, and 
you only have a few seconds to take them down. so this is really a last resort

Well, there's all the news I can think of that's relevant... hope other people 
find this helpful... and I look forward to playing these games! There are other 
games coming out soon, but those two are the big names... I will pop back with 
news of King of Fighters Xiii when I can.
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