Chris, you're right about the steering.  There is a bug that keeps the shift-a 
and shift-d from realizing how much you've already turned with the mouse.  I 
suppose oversight would be a better word than bug, since the code isn't broken 
in that place it just doesn't exist.  I forgot to put it in, lol.  I'll try to 
have that fixed for the next update.

I guess it is all about the keyboard you're using, but the Shift-a and shift-d 
doesn't require me to move my hands at all.  I'm using the left shift button 
which my left hand's "pinky" finger is already resting on while positioned to 
use the W A S D keys.  If Alt is more convenient for you to press then just let 
me know and I'll make that an alternative to do the same function.

I'll see what I can do about the pony and world peace.  :D  Hehe.

> Ok, this is hard to verify, since I
> don't have a heading command to give me
> my current facing, but I think there's a disconnect between
> the mouse
> steering and the Shift-a and Shift-d turning
> commands.  Here's an example of
> what I mean.
> I walk out of the northern shack and take stock of the
> situation.  I hear a
> zombie off to my right and, using the mouse spin around
> what seems to be
> about 60 degrees.  I drill the bastard with two shots,
> neat as you please,
> and hear something off to my left.  I hit shift-a,
> expecting to end up
> facing southwest, or at most south, and end up facing
> southeast.  
> I think what's happening is that the nearest compass points
> aren't being
> updated by the mouse events, so that the keyboard commands
> hold onto the
> south facing until one is hit, regardless of how much
> spinning around I'm
> doing with the mouse.
> There is another issue concerning the map borders, but I
> think it's related
> to the same phenomenon.  I'm running hell bent for
> leather from a gaggle of
> zombies and I run into the western map border.  Ok,
> thinks I, I'll just hit
> shift-d a couple of times and run along the border.  I
> have lost track of
> the last keyboard facing change I made, so am puzzled when
> I end up facing
> the wrong way, again, probably based on old facing
> information.
> I really want a heading command.  I also want
> something like an alt-left or
> right click to replace the shift-a and shift-d keys, so I
> don't have to take
> my hands off the mouse.  I don't want to have to
> switch back and forth in
> the heat of battle.
> Chris Bartlett
> P.s.  And I want a pony and world peace too.

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