Hi, I'd like to get messages from those who do role playing and/or
mudding because this is something I'd like to learn how to do and I am
having a quite difficult time even making the attempt to do so. For one
thing, my screen reader (Jaws 13) hasn't been working with the one MUD
client I have (VIP MUD) because if I use the arrow keys from within a
game, it's as if the screen is blank and there's nothing there even
though text may be on the screen. The MUD client also seems to
disconnect at the drop of a hat, so I feel as if I'm in Dickens'
circumlocution office (Reference, Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens, in
which the hapless person is going round in circles and backwards at the
same time, in short, going nowhere at all). It doesn't do any good to
tell me to try different Mud clients out as I have no idea how to
determine if I like them or not. (You're talking to the one who doesn't
know what to do with the Mud client she already has, let alone any
others which might be used by the blind.) As far as I know, there is
absolutely no literature on the subject for rank beginners like myself.
I can't seem to get beyond first base in playing an RPG because of this
MUD client problem. The text (if it does come) arrives in great clumps
and as I said, I can't even review what's there to make any decisions.
Please help me out as I am seriously frustrated about this whole
situation. Regards, Kim Friedman. P.S.: I'd like also to know if the
Iron Realms games are regarded as accessible (games are Achaea, Aetolia,
Lusternia, Emperion, and Midkemia [the last based on Raymond E. Feist's
novels).) K.

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