Many laptops have an on/off switch for the touch pad, or perhaps a key 
combination such as function + F7 to serve as the on/off switch.  I only 
mention this first because I've had bug reports that traced back to a person 
not knowing they had to turn their touch pad on before they could use it, lol.

Once the game starts, putting your finger anywhere on the touch pad will work, 
and the sliding side to side will steer you.  If you find that your finger has 
reached the edge and you need to still turn more, just lift your finger, put it 
at the other end, and continue sliding.  The touch pads are like the mouse in 
that they work by relative movement and not absolute position.  That's just a 
fancy way of saying that if you lift your finger, or the mouse, and set it back 
down the computer doesn't care.  There are likely 2 buttons under the touch pad 
that serve as the left and right mouse buttons for shooting and walking.

> Hi all. I have a hp laptop and it
> does have a touch pad. I am just wondering how would I go
> about playing swamp with the touch pad? I do have the
> external mouse as well but I am not quite that good with it
> yet so I would like to know how to play with the touch pad?
> many thanks. from Mich.

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